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Global connections anytime, anywhere

The borderless world of the Internet . It gives new meaning to the phrase “The world is your oyster”  . This is the fast moving world of  AXISnet Global Ventures . We integrate real-world experience with the power of the Internet thus expanding our reach to the distant corners of the world . Knowledge + technology = what a combination !

Nearly 90% of our clients are EXPERIENCED , WELL-SEASONED BUYERS ( the "seen them all , done them all" type ) . They usually know their way around and they are very, very precise with what they want or don’t want . No doubt they are a lot tougher to deal with . They are very, very demanding because they have a reputation to look after and so do we .

Our mission is simple - there is no need to reinvent the wheel . Instead we invite our clients to make full use of our experience and expertise .  If reliability and/or time constraints are your main issues then you have come to the right place and to the right people.We take pride in our ability to attract and maintain relationships with established suppliers and manufacturers and to appropriately match their skills and capabilities to the requirements of our projects.

Our business model is also simple - we only do one thing - connect our international buyers with RELIABLE suppliers. While other companies offer more side services such as financing help, logistics integration, order verification, etc - we concentrate our attention on just one service, that is, connecting our buyers with RELIABLE suppliers. We are focused in this particular area and by doing that we actually provide better leverage and service to our clients. You cannot be everything to everyone. That is the surest way to fail in business. When you have a major heart problem do you go to a heart specialist or to your family doctor? In comparison we are that heart specialist. We may cost you more but we know what we are  doing and with the right buyers we can even help your business grow by leaps and bounds.

Do you know about one of the biggest secrets in business which many business people often overlook when they work with consultants. Most consultants, due to their experience and network of contacts, are actually “walking goldmines”. You can actually tap into our existing business network to generate more business for your company.


What is $15,000 a month in our fees if we can consistently help generate $800,000 of sales a month for your company? It’s just common sense. You need to look at the bigger picture and think outside the box if you really want to grow your company. We already have the buyers. Just propose to us a workable arrangement, prove to us that you are fair and reliable and we might just bring you new business worth millions over the next few years. We have already done that with quite a number of our suppliers . Are you up to the challenge? Do tell us if you are.

If you can provide the right products at the right price then we believe we can bring in the volume through our existing buyer network. The question is - are you ready for the extra volume?

About Us

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