Global connections anytime, anywhere

Global connections anytime, anywhere

Welcome to the fast moving world of AXISnet Global Ventures. We are a global procurement consulting group and we have been involved with procurement projects worldwide since 1996.

We are NOT an agent or a broker. By developing and utilizing our own highly specialized global database we provide our consulting services specifically to international buyers who are looking for RELIABLE supplier(s) worldwide . Supplier reliability is a BIG issue with us. No doubt developing a global database of reliable suppliers involves a lot more work but that is EXACTLY the reason why many international buyers come to us . The world of international trade is littered with countless cases of unreliable and unscrupulous suppliers. We aim to make a difference, a HUGE difference.

The global economic slowdown has left many companies in many countries in bad shape. Instead of making profits many companies now are more concerned about business survival than anything else . These are tough times and sales on the ground are thinning out. And like it or not, business survival is closely linked to sales - real sales. Many sales managers and company owners are kept awake at night nowadays worrying about plunging sales volumes and scarce buyers. These are serious issues which can make or break a company. We believe we can help your company tap into new buyers and new markets since we already have an established international buyer database with many active buyers in it . Just prove to us that your company is reliable and trustworthy; and we should have no problems bringing our buyers to you .

By analyzing our buyers’ buying patterns over a period of time we have managed to tap into those buying patterns and use that data to help our suppliers approach the buyers at the right time with the right prices. Even during the economic downturn, we still have around 1,500+ active buyers in our international buyer database still buying various products from all over the world .

We have clients ranging from startup companies to well established corporations doing business worldwide. With a highly specialized clientele , we have managed to generate millions of dollars for many of our suppliers over the years. Click here for a list of our current projects.

The world of international trade is an exciting world with opportunities at nearly every corner. From the remote Alibekmola and Kozhasai oil and gas fields in Kazakhstan to the gleaming city of Shenzhen in China to the opal mines in Yowah in the Australian Outback- there are buyers and suppliers even in such diverse places. And we have the expertise to connect them through our global network of contacts.

Over the years we have been asked to find/ source for a variety of items from ships and aircrafts to oil field equipment, textiles, foodstuff, metals & minerals, raw materials, etc. For a full product list, click here . Our portfolio now consists of an expanding list of international buyers and a world-class global database of reliable suppliers.

We are always on the lookout for quality information and strategic alliances globally through our network of contacts and associates. The dynamic world of international trade never stops for anyone and we learn from it every single day. As consultants, we use our database, experience and network of contacts to give you the latest information we have on where products are located and which reliable suppliers you can contact.

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