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We are NOT an “agent” .

We are not an "agent" or a broker although we do at times derive our consulting fees from a fixed percentage of the deals. On a few occasions we have been mistakenly referred to as "another agent", which we are not.

We work mostly either on retainer basis or on "performance-only” basis. When on "performance-only” basis our consulting fees are usually derived from a fixed percentage of the deals. It so happens that most "agents" also work on this basis.  That is the only point where we have something in common with the “agents” but it ends there. From that point onwards we are very different from them . 

As a global procurement consulting group, we provide specialized consulting services to our international buyers who are looking for RELIABLE suppliers. It certainly takes a lot more work to search for RELIABLE suppliers. Part of our workflow involves processes such as conducting supplier reference checks, performance audits, customer satisfaction surveys, database integration, etc . They are part of our Standard Operating Procedure (SOP). From these feedbacks we rate our suppliers accordingly. All these “checks and balances” also ensure our suppliers are up to the mark.

Here’s a simple test. Next time when you’re approached by an “agent”, ask him/her about the workflow processes above and whether he/she has adopted them directly in the business. Also ask him/her whether these are part of their Standard Operating Procedure (SOP). We dare say 99% of the time most of these “agents” simply couldn’t be bothered with these workflow processes . Many of them think that they can make easy money from this field. They simply accept whoever is willing to give them a quick commisssion without doing a thorough checking on their suppliers. Many ended up with unscrupulous,"fly-by-night" suppliers who closed their businesses as fast as they opened them .

The same also with the buyers that they are trying to match to a seller. They do not qualify/ verify their buyers and in many cases their "buyers" later turned out to be other "agents" just like them. Of course this will really annoy the real sellers who thought they were dealing with a real buyer.

We actively engage buyers by emphasizing on the "reliability" factor. The world of international trade is littered with stories of unreliable and unscrupulous suppliers. They are everywhere. Many of our buyers are manufacturers themselves. They know how difficult it is to deal with unreliable suppliers. Supplier reliability is a big and serious issue in international trade. There are very few companies specializing in this niche. We are one of them. We serve a very narrow but lucrative market.

Quite a number of our buyers have personally gone through the headaches and frustrations after dealing with these  "suppliers from hell". In most cases a lot of money is also involved. The frustrations and sufferings are for real. This is no laughing matter. Naturally many of our buyers come to us after they have gone through this harrowing experience. They are the ones who can truly appreciate what we are doing here. They know how much pain they can avoid by engaging our services. And of course there are other smart buyers out there who do not wait until they become a victim to use our services.

There is a huge and growing market for reliable suppliers and we are well positioned to serve that market. By tapping into our existing business network you can actually save months or even years of your own time trying to develop new customers from scratch.

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