Global connections anytime, anywhere

International Buyers

Global connections anytime, anywhere

We are a group of meticulous, professional finders who have decided to put our knowledge, experience and contacts to good use by helping others, specifically international buyers. 

It is vital that we know our suppliers thoroughly as every recommendation from us carries with it our reputation and good name which we have worked very, very hard to build up and maintain over the years .

By specializing in finding RELIABLE suppliers for our clients we have thus developed a consulting niche which requires specialized expertise and knowledge. It is not by coincidence that nearly 90% of our current clients are seasoned, professional buyers with very specific requirements and buying patterns. They know what they want and are usually very demanding, professionally. It is just common sense - who wants to deal with unreliable and unpredictable suppliers?

Reliability is a BIG word with us .

Through many deals done and delivered over the years we have built a solid, hard-hitting reputation among experienced,  well-seasoned buyers for our no-nonsense approach with suppliers and manufacturers. We now have a steady portfolio of international buyers and a world-class global database of reliable suppliers.

We are a keen believer in doing transparent deals with no kickbacks or payoffs to anybody. If there is anybody who should benefit from discounts, preferred rates, etc ; then that 'person' should be the company itself. We have built our reputation on this basic principle of trust over the years and it has served us well .

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International Buyers

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