Global connections anytime, anywhere

Global connections anytime, anywhere

AXISnet Global Ventures is based in Malaysia with an offshore satellite office in the Bahamas.

We are a medium sized “boutique” consulting firm specializing in a very specific niche by serving a very narrow but lucrative market. We are specialists in our area of expertise - connecting our international buyers with RELIABLE suppliers.

Due to the nature of work and recent advances in technology, some of our staff  have been given the flexibility of working through our virtual office on the Internet. This flexibility has resulted in increased productivity and better focus especially during site visits abroad.

We are a technology-driven company with a distinct advantage of having “street-smart” people with real world experiences. We believe our people will not be out of place whether they are in tech-savvy Silicone Valley or slow moving Jaipur in India. The ability to combine technology with real world experiences is a very valuable asset since we deal with people from all walks of life.

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