Global connections anytime, anywhere

Global connections anytime, anywhere

At times we do come across business people who claim that they deal with "every product under the sun". We are not like that. We know our limits.

Yes, the current list of products we are able to offer to our clients is already quite long as it is. Well, it should be, we have been in this business since 1996 . We have been through two major recessions and we are still here. Over the years many buyers have asked us to source for them. We started with just a few products but over time that list has grown vertically and horizontally to accomodate the different products our buyers have asked us to find for them. The list is still growing. If the item you are looking for is not on the list then tell us about it. We should be able to do something about it. We’ll take that as a challenge.

We normally work with manufacturers, direct suppliers or wholesalers to get better prices for our buyers. And we only work with direct buyers - the party who will issue the payment. When you go direct to the source, you limit the chances of other people interfering with the deal. You are welcomed to contact us with your buying requests.

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  Food and Beverages

  Computers and Electronics

  Medicine and Health

  Metals and Minerals

  Chemicals, Plastics and Raw Materials

  Clothing, Textiles and Accessories

  Hardware and Machinery

  Electrical and Lighting

  Vehicles and Transportation

  Home and Office


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