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We work professionally with our buyers and suppliers. Before we start sending our buyers to a supplier, we need to put in place a simple MOU to formalise the working arrangements between us and the supplier . Click here for a sample. We believe the terms and conditions are fair and workable.

Please remember that there are certain products(such as radioactive materials, weapons, imitation products, etc) which we never touch or deal with. If we do not have existing buyers for the product(s) that you are currently selling, we will inform you before proceeding . For a list of the products we are currently dealing with, click here .

Your company’s details will not be shared with others. No references will be made to any company name, contact details, etc; at any time . We have never made public our clients' list. We prefer not to divulge any of our clients' details to the public or even among our own suppliers and buyers. As a third party we prefer not to take sides and to keep to our main function of connecting our buyers with our suppliers. Most times we work under non-disclosure agreements where clients’ details are strictly under wraps at all times.

Our consulting fee shall be a fixed percentage of the invoice price of all goods sold to buyer(s) sourced by AGV including repeat orders and further orders from the said buyer(s), payable by the Supplier after each successful transaction is completed and full payment has been received from our buyer(s).

Our consulting fee is still payable to us as long as our buyer is still buying the product(s) from your company. We will not bring other suppliers to the buyer as long as this arrangement is still in effect as we still respect the status quo. If this arrangement is broken then we assume that we are free to approach the buyer with other suppliers.

AGV’s consulting fee must be included in all price quotations sent to buyer(s) sourced by AGV .


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