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Supplier Registration Form

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Please fill up the form below with your company’s details and we will get back to you ASAP.

Please read our Terms and Conditions first before filling up this form . Please DO NOT fill up this form if you DO NOT agree with ALL of our Terms and Conditions.

This form is quite long as we need as much data as possible on your company. The information you have given to us will not be sold or given to anybody else . Please fill in ALL the fields and click on the “Send” button at the end of the form .

Brochures , catalogs , pictures , etc. should ONLY be sent to us by courier service or normal mail. It is not advisable to send these items as email attachments as they are very LARGE files and will be automatically rejected by our email server.

Company and Contact Information

Company Name

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Website Address

Company Registration No.

Contact Name


Last Name/ Family Name

Job Title



2nd Email


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( Country code - Area code - Number )

Business Information

Business Structure

Type of Business


We work with direct suppliers and manufacturers only. No agents, third parties  or mandates,  please.

Service Area

Year Established

Total Work Area (sq. ft. )

 ( Office + Factory + Warehouse )

Company  Profile ( locations, history, track record, ISO standard, etc. )

Products that your company can supply / products list ( in detail, please )

Typical Delivery Time

Typical Payment Term

Does your company maintain a Quality  Assessment / Quality Control Programme ?

Number of Staff

Admin & Finance


Sales & Marketing




Total Employees

List of key decision makers in your company


Job Title






Financial Information

Annual Sales for the last 3 years


Annual Sales (USD)

Business Volume Range

Indicate approximate Contract Dollar Range within which your company prefers and is currently able to undertake
 ( i.e.  USD 250,000  to   USD 1,500,000  )




Can  your company furnish a Performance Bond ?

If Yes , please indicate Dollar range

Bank Name

Customer List

Major  Customers that you do regular business with

Customer Name


Order Frequency

Can you provide POP(Proof of Products) for the products you want to sell?

If we were able to move thousands of units of your company’s products to our buyers, would your company be willing to share the profits with us?

If the answer above is YES, how much is your company willing to share with us? Propose something to us (example : 3.5% of invoice price, 5% of FOB price, etc).

We accept a reasonable figure that is competitive and in line with normal industry standards. Keep in mind that in most cases we already have other suppliers who are supplying the same types of products as yours. We usually have a rough idea of current market rates but we will not demand any figures from your company or try to negotiate for a higher amount. We accept whatever you are willing to share with us. Naturally we are more inclined to bring our buyers to those suppliers who give us  and our buyers better rates and better service.

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