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Products - Hardware and Machinery

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Hardware and Machinery            
  Internal-Combustion , Diesel Engines
  Automotive/Engine Repair Equipment      
  Turbines , Turbojets and Rocket Engines      
  Furnaces , Ovens , Water Heaters and Sterilizers       
  Refrigerators , Freezers and Air Conditioners      
  Liquid and Powder Sprayers      
  Lifting Cranes , Jacks and Forklift Trucks       
  Elevators , Escalators , Conveyors
  Scales and Weighing Machinery      
  Bulldozers , Excavators  and Mining Machinery         
  Agricultural and Food Machinery         
  Printing and Packaging Machinery        
  Textile Weaving , Knitting and Sewing Machines         
  Washing , Drying , Dry-Cleaning  and Ironing Presses      
  Footwear Making/Repairing     
  Metal , Stone , Glass  and Woodworking Machinery        
  Injection and Extrusion Molding Machinery         

Hand Tools and Do-It-Yourself
  Chain Saws      
  Spades and Shovels      
  Power Saws , Hand Saws , Cutting Tools and Blades        
  Pliers , Bolt-Cutters  and Nippers      
  Wrenches and Spanners       
  Hammers , Screwdrivers , Chisels
  Files , Planes and Hex Keys        
  Knives and Cutting Blades       
  Staplers , Fastening Tools and Pneumatic Hand Tools        
  Nails , Screws and Rivets      
  Ratchets and Sockets      
  Vices , Clamps , Fasteners and Hinges      
  Drill Bits , Power Tools and Accessories         
  Garden Tools        

Pressure and Vacuum
  Steam Boilers     
  Central Heating Boilers     
  Steam Turbines      
  Air Vacuum/Compressors , Air Pumps
  Ventilation  and Fans         

  Plastic Tubes , Pipes  and Hoses      
  Cast-Iron Pipes       
  Copper Pipe Fittings      
  Ceramic Pipes     
  Ceramic Wash Basins and Baths 
  Sanitary Fixtures       

Supplies Tools  and Parts
  Pumps for Liquids         
  Gear Cutting and Grinding         

Building Materials
  Building Stones       
  Cement and Concrete 
  Gypsum Board  and Plaster Products       
  Fireproof and Waterproof Materials      

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  Food and Beverages

  Computers and Electronics

  Medicine and Health

  Metals and Minerals

  Chemicals, Plastics  and Raw Materials

  Clothing, Textiles and Accessories

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  Electrical and Lighting

  Vehicles and Transportation

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