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Products - Metals and Minerals

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Metals and Minerals            
Iron and Steel
  Pig Iron      
  Direct Reduced Iron     
  Iron Ingots     
  Flat-Rolled Coils       
  Flat-Rolled Coated      
  Bars and Rods       
  Structural Steel Sections       
  Iron and Steel Wire       
  Stainless-Steel Ingots      
  Flat-Rolled Stainless Steel       
  Bars , Rods , Angles and Stainless Steel Shapes      
  Stainless Steel Wire      
  Cast Iron Tubes and Pipes       
  Cast Iron Tube and Pipe Fittings      
  Cast Iron Tables Kitchen  and Household      
  Other Cast Iron       
  Iron and Steel Tanks , Drums , Vats , Cans and Boxes       
  Iron and Steel Ropes , Cables 
  Iron and Steel Stranded Wire , Barbed Wire and Fencing       
  Iron and Steel Chains , Anchors  and Grapnels       
  Iron and Steel Nails , Tacks , Pins , Staples
  Iron and Steel Screws , Rivets , Nuts  and Bolts      
  Iron and Steel Springs and Springs Leaves       
  Iron and Steel Sanitary Ware      
  Other Iron and Steel Articles         

Non-Ferrous Metals
  Copper Products       
  Nickel Products     
  Aluminum Products       
  Lead Products     
  Zinc Products     
  Tin Products      
  Tungsten Products       
  Molybdenum Products       
  Tantalum Products     
  Magnesium Products      
  Cobalt Products     
  Bismuth Products      
  Cadmium Products      
  Titanium Products     
  Zirconium Products      
  Antimony Products     
  Manganese Products      
  Beryllium , Chromium , Germanium
  Vanadium , Gallium , Hafnium
  Indium , Niobium , Rhenium , Thallium       
  Gold and Silver Bullions      

Ferrous and Non-Ferrous Alloys
  Cupro-Nickel and Nickel Silver      
  Nickel Alloys     
  Aluminum Alloys       
  Lead Alloys     
  Zinc Alloys     
  Tin Alloys and Pewter     

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  Computers and Electronics

  Medicine and Health

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  Chemicals, Plastics  and Raw Materials

  Clothing, Textiles and Accessories

  Hardware and Machinery

  Electrical and Lighting

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