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“Products Wanted” List

Global connections anytime, anywhere

Some of the items listed in this list are already being supplied by our existing suppliers and manufacturers currently in our global database but due to the increasing demands from our new buyers , we are increasing the number of suppliers for these particular items .

Below is our “Products Wanted” list .

We are now sourcing for :

* Dried sea cucumber
* Oyster extract
* Wild catch redmullet
* Frozen Vannamei shrimps
* Cooked crawfish tail meat
* Tuna chunk in soya oil
* Seaweed Euchema Cottonii
* Frozen Rohu (Back Gutted & Belly Gutted)
* Canned food - pineapples , tuna , mackerel , sardines
* Palm kernel oil
* Crude palm oil
* Monosodium Glutamate
* Skimmed Milk powder
* Sorbitol
* Potato Starch Vermicelli
* Corn Gluten Meal
* Oilseeds
* Wheat bran
* Used Cooking Oil

* Lead / Copper
* Ferro-magnetic powders
* Steel - billets , coils , sheets , wirebars
* Copper - wirebars , cathodes , oxygen free cakes
* Alloys - FeCr , FeMn , silicon steel , titanium dioxide

* Automotive engine oil
* Automotive lead acid batteries
* Automotive tyres - new , used , scrap

* Scrap metals - iron , steel , lead , tin , titanium , aluminium
* Spent catalyst

* Alkylbenzene(linear)C12 
* Aniline hydrochloride
* Benzoic acid
* Di-Octyl Phthalate ( DOP) 
* Di-Butyl Phthalate ( DBP) 
* Annatto norbixine 5%
* Acrylamide Powder
* Sulphur Black

* Resins/ monomers - PVC , PET , Nylon
* Latex coated working glove

* Wool waste - wool thread waste, wool fabric cuttings/
   selvages, wool fabric leftovers, wool yarn waste, carpet
   grade wool waste
* Combed Cotton Waste

* Wool Worsted Yarn
* Raw cotton
* PET Flakes

* Wind Generators
* Compressor Scrap
* Metallized film capacitor
* Used Industrial Sewing Machines
* Solar Panels 200W

* Electric Power Cables
* Paper Wrapped Steel Wire
* Enamelled Copper Winding Wires


If your company’s products are currently not listed in the list above, kindly check with us by sending an email to

At times we do not have the opportunity to update this page as often as we like to and some buyer requests are just not reflected here. This list is actually a dynamic list as we receive buyer requests every day. For a more up-to-date list you should email us at the email address above.

Our company policy states that :

We only work with DIRECT SELLERS or MANUFACTURERS (the party who can receive the full payment under their own company name) and DIRECT BUYERS (the party who can issue the full payment under their own company name).

We do not normally respond to requests for quotes from brokers, mandates or third party representatives.

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