Global connections anytime, anywhere

Global connections anytime, anywhere

To remain competitive in international markets requires regular updating of information on market dealings as well as on the players themselves. That is one of the reasons why we maintain a global database of contacts .


Having a global database not only increases efficiency and flexibility but it has also enabled us to further  understand the intricacies of doing business on a global scale .

Our global database is our goldmine, as simple as that. Over the years quite a number of people have approached us for JVs and other business arrangements. Most of them did not have a database to start with and since we have already built one over the years some people tried to take a shortcut by working with us. This is not how we work.

In this business, without a database you will be firing blanks. Our suppliers know that we can easily link them to our existing international buyers. Deals which took months before can now be closed within a week. That is the kind of value and trust we have built into our global database. We bring more business to our suppliers without them incurring extra expenses ( extra staff, overheads, salaries, retainers, etc) in procuring new buyers.


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