Global connections anytime, anywhere


Global connections anytime, anywhere

Over the years we have tried several methods to ensure a certain degree of supplier reliability. Some of the methods we have tried before were scientific in nature, using interpolations, statistics, etc. We tried to be the ‘smart’ one but at the end of the day we realized that human nature is still the main driver behind a business decision.

There are many factors that can affect a supplier’s reliability and although track records speak a lot, they only show a supplier’s history with its clients. There is no real proof that a supplier will perform as good or even better in the future with other clients. References are a good source of information but we have found over the years that references can sometimes be manipulated to present a totally different picture of a supplier’s performance and reliability.

As such we have gone back to the basic ‘trial & error’ process where we start by recommending new suppliers with smaller contracts and later with bigger ones as they build up their track record with us and our buyers.

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