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Global connections anytime, anywhere

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Head Office :

AXISnet Global Ventures
2721-1 , Jalan Sepakat , Taman Berlian ,
53100 Gombak , Selangor ,

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Office hours : 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. , Monday to  Friday, GMT +8

In line with recent advances in technology, we have decided to streamline all of our communication channels.

We are heavy Internet users and this change benefits us greatly in terms of better quality and clearer lines.

We are slowly phasing out our fax line as we move towards a standard business format through the PDF document. We highly encourage you to send us your documents in PDF format (as email attachments) instead of by fax.

With immediate effect, our Skype lines will also be available to our clients only.

As an alternative you can still contact us at our email address above or you can use our online contact form here .

Why slowly phase out the fax machine?

Itís inevitable - the fax machine is fast becoming obsolete. Technically, in its current form, itís a 30+year old technology. Fax machines are fading fast - just like the telex or the telegram. So many companies have stopped using their fax machines for a more practical alternative - the PDF document.

No doubt it is convenient to have a fax machine around. But there is one big problem regarding fax messages. The fact that those messages can be sent by anyone from anywhere poses a big problem to the business community in terms of the validity and legality of those documents sent by fax. That is why fax messages are not legally binding in Malaysia and in many other countries as well. So whatís the point of having a faxed document if it is not legally binding? Unless the original document is sent later to accompany the faxed document, technically the faxed document is a worthless piece of paper on its own. Imagine receiving a Purchase Order worth USD 2 million by fax. Would you accept it without the original PO? We doubt it.

Finally there is a viable alternative with the PDF document.

The PDF format has been widely accepted worldwide as the standard format for business documentation due to its secure and robust features. Business documents in PDF format cannot be changed or altered and are stable across different platforms. This makes it ideal for secure document transmission across the Internet which many businesses have adopted today.

The PDF format is now a formal open standard known as ISO 32000. For more details on the PDF format, please click on the link below -

Shahrul Nizam Supian

Alawiah Yusof
Financial Controller

Nazatul Shahida Nazimuddin

Dahlia Supian

Business Development
Hamizah Abdul Hamid

Jack Dixon
International Business Manager

Bahamas Offshore Center

Charlotte House,
Shirley St,

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