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How We Work With International Buyers

Global connections anytime, anywhere

Below is a simplified, step-by-step version of how we work with international buyers :-

Step 1 - Upon request from a confirmed buyer, we will search our global database for the right suppliers based on the buyer’s requirements and specifications.

Step 2 - The search result will tell us how many suppliers in our global database are able to carry out the deal .

Step 3 - We will contact those suppliers about the buyer’s request. The suppliers will inform us on their ability to actually carry out the order at that particular time . Please keep in mind that suppliers are also affected by factors such as full bookings of their manufacturing lines, routine equipment maintenance shutdowns, raw material scarcity, etc which will give them no choice but to turn down orders at certain times of the year.

We will only recommend suppliers which are able to commit 100% to the current request .

Step 4 - Once the list has been narrowed down then we will send an acknowledgement form to the selected supplier(s) by e-mail.

This form contains the buyer's offer, data and specifications . We will also include a reference number for the supplier for verification purposes . The supplier will fill in the form , sign and stamp it and email it back to us (in PDF format) as a confirmation of receiving the offer from us.

Step 5 - We will send to the buyer a list with details on the supplier(s) we are recommending.

Step 6 - The supplier(s) will contact the buyer and start the negotiation process.

Step 7 - This is optional but some buyers do contact us later on for advice especially when two or more suppliers (which we recommended earlier) give nearly equal offers in terms of price, quality and service.

Buyers are free to contact us for more info on the suppliers we have recommended to them. As we know our suppliers quite well we believe we are in the position to point out certain weaknesses or plus points of our suppliers. In fact we have managed to bring back to life a number of deals that were considered “dead” before because we were able to point out certain plus points of the affected suppliers. Thus it is very important for our suppliers to be honest with us about their business especially on their strong points.

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